Adelaide is losing its mature trees at an alarming rate.

According to a recent analysis, as many as 75,000 trees are being lost each year across metropolitan Adelaide. Recent changes to our planning rules are escalating the losses. 

The stakes are high – our trees:

  • Help make our cities more liveable (living near trees has been shown to improve our health)
  • Lower temperatures by as much as 5-6 degrees during our extreme summers
  • Provide critical defences against climate change, flooding, and soil erosion

Over the last two years, community organisations have begun to document the extent of the problem and propose a range of solutions.

Now, we are inviting you to join us in protecting our trees with a community-powered project to document the trees we love, those at risk, and those that have been lost.

The National Trust of South Australia is proud to launch the Save our Trees website and mobile app. These interactive tools will enable people to record, share, and monitor their favourite trees across Adelaide.

Take Action

It is time for the community to stand up for real protection for the mature trees in our urban environment.

Write to your local MP, telling them why we need stronger laws to protect the trees we love and need.

Feel free to bcc us, or forward your e-mail to us (joinus@saveourtrees.org.au), so we can thank you for taking action.

Learn More

Why has Adelaide lost so many of its urban trees? What needs to change to ensure we can keep our tree canopy that helps make our city more liveable, cooler, and resilient? Check out these informative reports:

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